To the Man I Will Spend Forever with

For the longest time I thought I’d never find you. I thought I did not deserve you. Accepting and understanding your love is one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced in my lifetime. At the beginning of our relationship there was this part of me that was afraid I only loved you because you were the first in a very long time to love me back. It did not take long for me to let this irrational thought go.

I love you for the way you look at me. The look that is the same whether I am rolling out of bed, sniffling with a bright red nose, makeup running down my face, or spent hours dressing up. You look at me like I matter, like I am worth something.

I love you for the way your mind works. I can look over at you and see the gears moving in your head as your try to think of the perfect comeback or reference. I wish I could see through your eyes sometimes. You see the world so differently than everyone else, you are so aware. I could listen to you talk about your thoughts, the crazy and sane ones, for hours. If you think it, I want to know it.

I love you for your motivation and dedication. You’ve tackled many obstacles in your lifetime, most of them alone. I adore your strength and commitment but I promise to be by your side for every obstacle from here on out.

I love you for your desire for more. You don’t settle, and you never should. It’s okay to have crazy wild dreams, because knowing you, you’ll reach every one of them.

I love you for the future we will have. I love you for the words you haven’t yet said down on one knee. I love you for the nonstop tears you will give me that day. I love you for the wonderful life we will have.

I don’t promise perfect, neither of us is perfect. I do promise arguments over how to cook our eggs; waffles and badly cooked hash browns on the weekends; vacation after vacation to the beach; homemade pizza on date nights; Harry Potter marathons; a dog to call our own; forever trying to play Chinese checkers with you, owning at least double the clothes and shoes that you have; an endless amount of school supply purchases; obsessive organizing; fights over where to eat; convincing you to wash the dishes; and overall, I promise you a lifetime of happiness.

Every day I am thankful for you, I love you.


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